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What happens when you leave your phone unattended at a game with your friends.  #seattle #sounders #seattlesounders #futbol #soccer #soccercity #centurylink #clink #matchday #friends #soundersfc #pnw

Love this! Two of my favorite characters in one!
In regards to the fish, there's a lot of interesting theories on it at fyeahsnowpiercer at /post/91730759881 (And you kind of reminded me to look it up and that's what I found. The Asian Carp note in that post is interesting.)

Oh wow, lots of theories! Thanks for the link :)

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I watched Snowpiercer last night. It was an odd movie. Not a bad movie, not a great movie, but decent. There is one scene that boggled me a bit. So, when they break through the second door and all the soldiers are there with their axes, spears and mid evil face masks, what is up with the fish? Did they brig it out to show how sharp their blades were? To make their blades bloody? I know Curtis slips on it later, but wth. Did anyone else think it was such an odd part?

Today’s game! Unfortunately it ended 2-2. We should’ve had them.